Hindi Introductions

Hindi is one of the two official languages of India. Hindi is also spoken in countries outside India, notably Mauritius, Fiji, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago and Nepal. Hindi has relatively free word order. The unmarked word order is subject-object-verb. Hello: Namaste नमस्ते Meaning: Namaste ‘I bow to the divine in you’ in Sanskrit. Namas ‘bow’ ‘obedience’ in Sanskrit, … Continue reading Hindi Introductions

Green V Bestobell Industries Pty Ltd. 1982

WAR 1 Supreme Court of Western Australia.  The Case Green was a director of Bestobell Industries. Bestobell Industries were contracted to a construction project in Western Australia. Green obtained information on how much Bestobell were submitting for the tender. Green submitted a tender for a key part of the project under another business name, without … Continue reading Green V Bestobell Industries Pty Ltd. 1982

Law Case Problem Solving – IRAC Method

Example Case: Raceway Go Karts Relevant Facts Defendant: Partnership (owner-operators), evidence of dangerous track, 1-3 full time counter staff, 8-10 go kart staff (depends on amount of customers), staff young without induction training, no safety procedures in place, little maintenance, all users sign a waiver form. Approval to operate as a go kart track had never … Continue reading Law Case Problem Solving – IRAC Method