Organisational Strategy, IS & Competitive Advantage

Following on from my article on Business Processes & IS, IS exists to help organisations achieve goals and objectives, that are determined by competitive strategy, that determines structures, features and functions of every IS. Organisations examine industry structure to determine a competitive strategy, that determines value chains and business processes. Industry Structure -> Competitive Strategy … Continue reading Organisational Strategy, IS & Competitive Advantage

Business Processes & IS

This article carries on from the previous Management Information Systems (MIS) – Introduction. As such, before implementing IS, business processes need to be understood and optimised for success. Business Process/System: network of activities, resources, facilities and information interacting to achieve a business function. Made up of: activities (transform resources/info into another type), decisions, roles (set … Continue reading Business Processes & IS

Management Information Systems (MIS) – Introduction

This article is a short introduction to management information systems, for a more in-dept article see Management Information Systems & You. Moore’s Law: ‘# of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months’. This lowers costs and allows smaller technologies to come about, however Moore’s Law has changed with newer technology, … Continue reading Management Information Systems (MIS) – Introduction

Cybercrime & ‘Cat&Mouse’ Technology Security

-CYBERCRIME- Cybercrime are offenses against individuals using computers/networks, with harmful intentions toward the victims reputation. This can be directly or indirectly, either by “[…] distributing viruses,  denial-of-service attacks, illegally downloading files without authorisation, cyberstalking, fraud and identity theft, and stealing or publishing personal information such as individuals’ names and addresses.” (Kroenke, Bunker, & Wilson, 2014, … Continue reading Cybercrime & ‘Cat&Mouse’ Technology Security