Mandarin Poster

Mandarin Poster is a stupidly simple and effective system to help you learn Chinese characters. Each character is shown with pinyin pronunciation, a memorable keyword and coordinates to easily look-up extra details. They also have reference sheets, character breakdowns, practice sheets, and self-print posters. 1. Hang it on your wall Put it somewhere you … Continue reading Mandarin Poster

Chinese Basics

Chinese or Hànyǔ (汉语) is the native language of the Han nationality of China. The Han people constitute more than 90% of the population of China, native speakers of Chinese form the largest speech community in the world! Chinese uses characters. You can check out the most frequently used Chinese characters at the website link … Continue reading Chinese Basics

I Like Sports – Nǐ xǐhuan shénme yùndòng?

Nǐ xǐhuan shénme yùndòng? (What sports do you like?) Wŏ xǐhuan dă lángiú. (I like playing basketball.)   Keywords: Dă (play) Lángiú (basketball)   More sporting activities: Păobù (running) Yóuyŏng (swimming) Tī zúqiú (football) –> Tī (to kick) Qí zìxíngchē (ride bike)     Nǐ mĕi tiān dă lángiú ma? (Do you play basketball everyday?) … Continue reading I Like Sports – Nǐ xǐhuan shénme yùndòng?

Weekdays & Arrangements

Jīntiān (shì) xīngqī jǐ? (What day is it today?) Jīntiān (shì) xīngqī yī. (Today is Monday.) Jīntiān (shì) xīngqī jǐ? (What day is it today?) Jīntiān (shì) xīngqī sān. (Today is Wednesday.)   Weekdays: Xīngqī yī (Monday) Xīngqī èr (Tuesday) Xīngqī sān (Wednesday) Xīngqī sì (Thursday) Xīngqī wŭ (Friday) Xīngqī liù (Saturday) Xīngqī tiān (Sunday) … Continue reading Weekdays & Arrangements