Chinese Math – Fractions, Multiplication, & Division 分数乘除法

Yang Hai Ying teaches math in spoken Mandarin Chinese, see video one. A fun way to learn Mandarin Chinese, while refreshing your math skills. Covering math fractions, multiplication, and division (分数乘除法). Video one Chinese Math – Fractions, Multiplication & Division Source: (Ying, 2016). All rights reserved for the creators of the show, I do not own … Continue reading Chinese Math – Fractions, Multiplication, & Division 分数乘除法

TedEd – The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain – Mia Nacamull

If you have or are learning a second language then you will begin to start seeing things clearer than before, opening your perspective to different cultures. New and exciting job prospects open to you and just any lifestyle is rapidly changed. Forget watching TV with subtitles, and put travel language barriers behind you. To discover … Continue reading TedEd – The Benefits of a Bilingual Brain – Mia Nacamull


I came across Chineasy in a book store and was amazed at the design and function of this learning style towards Chinese characters. When I began to study Chinese I had used a similar method before I found these Chineasy picture cards, where I cut out paper cards on one side I had Chinese characters … Continue reading Chineasy

ABCs Of Chinese

This video series explains Chinese through fun graphics, see video Source: (Fuzzel, et. al., 2013). An educational software start-up company directed toward teaching Chinese characters. Their engaging curriculum shows how picture like Mandarin Chinese characters are. Combining a number of simple building block pictures to make Chinese characters. From learning your A, B, and C’s … Continue reading ABCs Of Chinese