Data Communications

Network: Collection of computers that communicate over transmission line. Three basic types of networks: Local area network (LAN), Wide area network (WAN), and Internet. LAN: Connected computers that reside in a single geographic location, within a small distance of each other, connects two-several hundred computers, and organisation controls the installation of the communications media. Components … Continue reading Data Communications

Cybercrime & ‘Cat&Mouse’ Technology Security

-CYBERCRIME- Cybercrime are offenses against individuals using computers/networks, with harmful intentions toward the victims reputation. This can be directly or indirectly, either by “[…] distributing viruses,  denial-of-service attacks, illegally downloading files without authorisation, cyberstalking, fraud and identity theft, and stealing or publishing personal information such as individuals’ names and addresses.” (Kroenke, Bunker, & Wilson, 2014, … Continue reading Cybercrime & ‘Cat&Mouse’ Technology Security

Digital Single Market

Documents leaked entitled ‘Online Platforms and the Digital Single Market’ from the European Commission and then published by the European Commission “[that] is now proposing the idea of using national ID cards to log in to online services, including Facebook, Twitter and even Uber.” (Best, 2016) With the recent changes in EU and the tax laws … Continue reading Digital Single Market