One Rule For One, One Rule For Another…Some Australian politicians are double-dipping and just receive a slap-on-the-wrist. Whereas, this exclusive policy helps one to correct for tax errors and I am against taxes as they misdirect resources and favour one group of society over another. However, I disagree with the line of law surrounding it … Continue reading ‘Double-Dipping’

Keynesian Cross – Theories of Short-Run Fluctuations

The Keynesian Cross is “[a] simple model of income determination, based on the ideas in Keynes’s General Theory, which shows how changes in spending can have a multiplied effect on aggregate income.” (Mankiw, 2010) Well, it might be a nice simple model with neatly placed lines, however, this only measures a closed economy and wrongly … Continue reading Keynesian Cross – Theories of Short-Run Fluctuations

Blunder or Plunder?

Manipulating interest rates in any degree, one is considered to be committing legal plunder. Though, the law is no less immune to manipulation than are interest rates. The law could not organise interest rates without disorganising justice, the resulting transmission of wealth through intended inflation is a violation of property. Legal plunder: “[The word plunder … Continue reading Blunder or Plunder?